American Civil Liberties Union, National Education Association push transgender operations

the guide claims children are  never  too young to undergo transgender surgery

A K-12 schools guide claims that children are “never” too young to be pushed into life-altering sex-change surgery by woke adults.

Tulsi Gabbard Condemns Biden Admin for ‘Dangerously Promoting Child Abuse’

Avatarianism and the danger of the metaverse

…. “Transgenderism is a transitional form of Avatarianism on the overlapping cusp of the natural and digital worlds, designed to condition young people for life in the metaverse. They are being programmed through transgender ideology to adopt the mindset that nothing created by God, even one’s own sexual physiology and sense of humanness, can be trusted as good and right – but everything can and should be changed to suit one’s self-perceptions as guided by “progressive” groomers. In a very real sense, a “transgender identity” IS an avatar, inside which hides a damaged child.”

Transgender Health Secretary: We Will ‘Empower’ Children to Get Puberty Blockers

 we really want to base our treatment and to affirm and to support and empower these youth   levine said

Dr. Jennifer Bauwens on the Biden Administration’s Obsession with Promoting Transgenderism

Trans doctor who helps teens transition says it’s now ‘gone too far’

A new study looks at detransition-related needs and support

It’s Not Gender Dysphoria

Performing ‘Sex-Change Procedures’ on Kids Is Child Abuse, Texas’ Attorney General Says. He’s Right, and I Should Know.

FAQ About Transgender People and Marriage Law

Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation

Legal status of transgender people

Counseling for Sexual Identity Concerns: A Measured, Careful, and Compassionate Approach

Can your sexuality change?

Understanding Your Sexual And Gender Identity: A Guide

How Your Sexual Orientation & Identity Can Change As You

Young women’s psychological distress increases when they change their identity away from the heterosexual norm

Trump’s anti-transgender memo would hurt teens like me. I’m hoping my state protects me.

My high school’s transgender bathroom policies violate the privacy of the rest of us

High school could have been hell for my transgender son. Don’t make it hell for the next kid

Hormones, surgery, regret: I was a transgender woman for 8 years — time I can’t get back

Judge Upholds Bathroom and Locker Room Policy for Transgender Students Amid Lawsuit

Appeals court upholds Boyertown transgender bathroom policy

Transgender Adolescent Suicide Behavior

Psychiatric Axis I Comorbidities among Patients with Gender Dysphoria

Psychiatric characteristics in transsexual individuals: multicentre study in four European countries

I Was a Transgender Woman

What is Gender Dysphoria?

Psychiatric Axis I Comorbidities among Patients with Gender Dysphoria

Major media figures claim that Josh Hawley is ‘transphobic’ because he thinks men can’t get pregnant

Teachers Face Forced Re-Education Training For Challenging Transgender Ideology

Proposed law would let people switch gender annually Just go down to government office and have name changed

Federal Court Blocks Biden from Forcing ‘Woke’ Transgender Policy onto States

This Generation is worse than Sodom & Gomorrah

Anthropologists facing fight over whether bones were transgender

Transgender Swimmer Lia Thomas Nominated for NCAA 2022 ‘Woman of the Year’ Award

Tulsi Gabbard: Transgenders Are ‘Erasing’ Women in ‘Denying the biological differences… threatens women’s rights’ and ‘safety’

Fauci’s NIAID Spent Nearly $500,000 ‘to Turn Monkeys Transgender’                               

Bette Midler Called ‘Anti-Trans’ After Bashing Terms Like ‘People with Vaginas’: ‘Don’t Let Them Erase’ Women July 4, 2022

Grammy Winner Macy Gray Calls Out Trans Hysteria: Surgery Doesn’t Make You a Woman 7.5.2022 

‘BYE!’ Drag artist publicly DENOUNCES transgender agenda aimed at harming children


Trump-Appointed Federal Judge Blocks Biden Forcing Transgenders into Female Sports

Trans Prisoner Moved Out of Women’s Facility after Impregnating Two Inmates

Even Feminists Are Facing Prison Time For Questioning Transgender Ideology

Kavanaugh Assassin Suspect Identified as a Transgender Female

Camp removes transgender cheerleader for allegedly choking girl who called her ‘man with a penis’

Tavistock Trans Clinic Prescribed Puberty Blockers to Kids After One Meeting: Report

Angry mom threatens to sue Texas legislators if they approve CRT, gender theory for public schools: ‘A lot of parents are too afraid to speak out’

Trans Cheerleader, 25, Given Assault Citation After Teammates Denies Gender Identity

DeSantis: Gender Affirming Care for Young Children Is ‘Wrong’

DeSantis: SUE Doctors who Castrate Young Boys

NCAA Rejects Transgender Swimmer Lia Thomas for ‘Woman of the Year’                                    

Transgender Psychologist: Parents Have Right to Know If Child Is ‘Transitioning’                         

California Democrats Move to Make State a ‘Sanctuary’ for Child Sex Change Surgery       ‘Woke’ lawmakers introduce bill create safe haven for kids to go under the knife

FDA Warns Transgender Drugs Causing ‘Brain Swelling’ & Blindness in Children    

Federal judge rules West Virginia Medicaid must provide coverage for gender-related surgeries

Judge rules transgender surgeries must be covered by Medicaid

Libs of TikTok and Matt Walsh alert DEA about transgender individual who openly discussed an effort to give away prescription hormones

DeSantis: ‘Doctors Need to Get Sued’ if They Perform Transgender Surgeries on Minors

The Dark World of Gender Ideology and Homosexuality – Voddie Baucham, John MacArthur, Matt Walsh, HB


Jul 26, 2022