Steve Bannon SUBPOENAS Pelosi and members of Jan. 6 committee – June 7, 2022  

How Jared Kushner Washed His Hands of Donald Trump Before Jan. 6 – June 8, 2022

The January 6th Committee Has Begun Arresting Trump Loyalists In Order To Attempt To Prevent Donald Trump From Running For President In 2024 – June 7, 2022  

Dershowitz: Indictment of Trump aide is illegal, done to ‘make political points’ – June 8,2022  

An Illegitimate Court Gets Ready To Convene – June 9, 2022  

This despicable congressional kangaroo court is all about falsely framing brave Patriots who protested a transparently stolen POTUS election! – June 9, 22  

Trump Throws Ivanka Under the Bus: She Was ‘Checked Out’ and ‘Not Involved’ in Studying Election Results – June 10, 2022  

Trump Slams Ivanka and Denies Saying Pence ‘Deserves’ to Hang in Truth Social Meltdown – June 10, 2022  

Former US President Donald Trump accused of ‘attempted coup’ – BBC News – 162,025 views – Jun 10, 22  

Ilhan Omar Accuses Fox News of Being ‘Accomplices’ in Jan 6 Riot – 13th June 2022  

The Truth About January 6th’ (2022) – Full Documentary – 1,542 views – June 12, 2022  

BIG Things Coming! Kash Patel: Pelosi Wanted a J6 Massacre! PLUS Agenda 2030 & Weather Modification! – 23,487 Views – June 13, 2022  

Capitol Police Chief Debunks J6 Committee Conspiracy Theory – Jun 15, 2022  

Jan 6 Committee Censored by YouTube for Showing Footage of Trump Claiming Voter Fraud – June18, 22  

Trump: Jan. 6 panel is ‘one-sided witch-hunt,’ weak Pence was ‘human conveyor belt’- 18 June 2022  

No One Can Believe The Latest Crimes Committed By The J6 Committee

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